99 Counties Launches a Meat Delivery Service Connecting Customers to Farmers Providing Delicious

The first regional meat marketplace provides convenient doorstep delivery to Iowa and Chicagoland customers.

99 Counties is a direct-to-consumer meat marketplace on a mission to change people’s relationship with food by connecting Midwesterners with regenerative Iowan farmers. Founded in 2021 by long-time Iowan farmer Nick Wallace, 99 Counties is the first Iowa based regenerative meat marketplace providing convenient doorstep delivery and farm-to-table transparency of its farmer supply chain. By empowering farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture, 99 Counties helps combat climate change and rewards farmers financially. In February of 2022, 99 Counties raised $3.8 million in its pre-seed fundraising round. Today, 99 Counties offers doorstep delivery of frozen, regenerative meat and farm fresh eggs to customers in Iowa and the greater Chicagoland area.

99 Counties is revolutionizing the $83 billion US meat industry by making it easier for consumers to access high-quality, locally raised meat that’s better for people and the planet. The company recently launched an online direct-to-consumer meat marketplace where Iowa and Chicagoland customers may purchase meat products from Iowan farmers and have their orders conveniently delivered to their doorstep. All farmers meet strict regenerative agriculture standards, which means animal-welfare and chemical-free farms are top priorities. 99 Counties offers an enticing membership program to make it as simple and reliable as possible to order everyday meat products at a reduced cost with free delivery.

Regenerative agriculture is a type of farming practice that integrates animals (livestock) and plants on the farm in a way that results in more flavorful, nutrient dense food and improves the agricultural land. What this means for customers is:

All meat from 99 Counties meets the highest standards in animal welfare with its beef pasture raised (100% grass-fed and finished) with no prolonged confinement. Pork and poultry are unconfined and guaranteed continuous outdoor access.

Animals only consume non-GMO crops and supplemental feed and all meat products are 100% chemical-free. It’s remarkable when you consider more than 95% of animals used for meat and dairy in the United States eat GMO crops.1

From tightly-trimmed ribs to juicy ribeyes, each cut is distinctly delicious, proving that higher humane standards and a varied diet makes all the difference when it comes to raising animals for meat.

With just a few clicks, consumers can become member customers and have delicious, sustainable meat conveniently delivered right to their doorstep. Every order of fresh eggs and frozen meat is hand delivered by a 99 Counties driver in reusable insulated tote bags to reduce customers’ “packaging guilt.” Or, customers may leave a cooler on their doorstep for their order to be placed in.

99 Counties offers a range of beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and egg products from 23 local Iowan farms as well as 4 farms in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. All farms are vetted by the company to ensure they meet strict regenerative farming standards. For an annual membership fee of just $99, customers receive 20% off all products and free delivery on any orders over $75. Customers may also purchase meat without membership and pay a delivery fee of $15 per order. Doorstep delivery is available within 100 miles of Keystone, IA (99 Counties headquarters) and within 60 miles of its Naperville, IL warehouse.

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