DALMC Education And Skilled Trade Scholarship Program

The Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council announces their scholarship program is now opened. One application will be for those pursuing a skilled trade as their career path and is referred to the Skilled Trade Scholarship. The Education Scholarship will focus on students interested in pursuing a two- or four-year degree. Each scholarship is $1,000 to be used for post-secondary education, and up to seventeen scholarships will be awarded.

Employers and unions may become a sponsor of the program or join the Labor-Management Council to make the immediate families of their employees and members eligible for scholarship assistance.

Skilled Trade and Education Scholarship applications are on the DALMC website for electronic submission or can be downloaded at The guidelines are also posted on the website. Applications are due by March 11, 2022.

For more information, or to schedule a presentation about the program for a group, contact Cooper at the Labor-Management Council, at 582-8804.

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