Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Accept Tricon Proposal to Purchase Several Buildings at Sinsinawa Mound

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa have accepted Tricon Construction Group’s proposal to take the next steps toward ownership of several buildings at Sinsinawa Mound. Tricon proposes to renovate the space for an active senior living community and event center and to explore partnerships with local community organizations responding to human needs in the area.

The buildings included in the transfer of ownership to Tricon are the rotunda building which houses Queen of the Rosary Chapel; the 1964 building which includes the main foyer, dining room, kitchen, meeting spaces, wellness center, sleeping quarters, and guest rooms, as well as the convent building. The Sisters will retain ownership of the stone building and St. Clara Chapel. The Sisters will continue to own the Academy Apartments, two houses on the property, and the surrounding land. Sinsinawa Mound will continue to serve as the Motherhouse of the Congregation.

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