Loras Flex allows students to select their learning experience

Loras College announced that it will conduct its 2020-21 academic year with a modified schedule and learning delivery options based on student comfort levels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the College is proceeding without raising tuition or fees for students.

The College will welcome students back to campus to begin instruction on Wednesday, August 26, nearly one week earlier than initially scheduled. Classes will continue uninterrupted through the fall to November 20, when students will leave for Thanksgiving break. The final week of classes and final exams will be delivered exclusively online. Loras is in an especially strong position to deliver the Loras Flex plan since it is one of the few laptop colleges in the country. From this perspective, students and faculty are sharing the same learning and technical support platform.

Instruction will be conducted through Loras Flex, a modified hybrid-teaching model that provides a combination of in-person and online teaching that can accommodate students who are present on campus, as well as those who wish to pursue their education entirely online. It also allows for a seamless transition to completely online teaching and learning should the need arise for an individual at any point in the semester.

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