National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium “Gears Up” for River of Innovation

Since the opening of the Iowa Marine Engine & Launch Works within the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium last fall, the organization has been tirelessly working to complete the final two-thirds of what will be the John and Alice Butler River of Innovation Gallery. Named after lead donors John and Alice Butler, River of Innovation’s public grand opening will take place the weekend of June 11-13, 2021.

Building on the River Museum’s abundant historical, conservation, and science connections, the second third of River of Innovation will feature high-engagement interactive exhibits that reinforce river innovation themes as well as artifacts from the museum’s collections. Categories for the interactives include energy and motion, vehicles and cargo, tools and machines, and the changing river. The final third of River of Innovation will house a makerspace featuring multidisciplinary projects that tie the key River Museum concepts of history, science and conservation together

Prior to the grand opening, the River Museum will host a small, private ribbon cutting for the space with key supporters to the project, including the Butler family. River of Innovation will open at 9 AM on Friday, June 11, and is included with general admission to the River Museum.

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