National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium unveils reserve the Wonder campaign

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium launched the Preserve the Wonder campaign to preserve the wonder of its facilities and programming for the next generation of students, visitors, and community members. As part aquarium, part museum, and part science center, the museum’s new campaign will help it continue its leadership in conservation, both of wildlife and marine life, while also preserving the area’s rich history.

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium held a special event on June 27 that was two-fold: part 20th anniversary celebration and part Preserve the Wonder public campaign launch. To celebrate the campaign and share the total amount raised to date, a special reveal took place in the River Museum where the total was shown underwater. The one-of-a-kind reveal was managed by aquarist team divers in the Main Channel Aquarium.

To date, the campaign has raised $9,180,000 million with a total goal of raising $12.75 million. The museum has already restored the Arriandeaux Log Cabin, Iowa’s oldest building, while also innovating STEM concepts across the museum campus to expand educational offerings. With the completion of River of Innovation and Rivers of the Sea, the museum and aquarium has focused on instituting community programs to ensure all can visit regardless of income level. These community programs help ensure all can be inspired to learn.

Last year, the museum and aquarium won Outstanding Tourist Attraction in a Metro Area from Travel Iowa.

The Preserve the Wonder campaign will enable the museum to continue connecting children and adults to the wonders of history, conservation and the natural world. Major campaign initiatives yet to complete include an expanded otter habitat, improved and updated paddlefish habitat, a national traveling exhibit, improvements to the interior of the Mathias Ham House, general infrastructure improvements for the health and well-being of our animals and artifacts, and an endowment component.

To learn more about the Preserve the Wonder Capital Campaign and to donate to the effort, visit To receive more information by mail, contact Wendy Scardino, VP of Development & Marketing, at 563-557-9545.

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