New Charlie & Vicki Glab Family Greenhouse Reinforces Commitment to Conservation

A new greenhouse on the campus of the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium is reinforcing the organization’s commitment to conservation and its strong partnerships with other local, regional, and national conservation organizations. Made possible through the generous support of the Charlie & Vicki Glab family, B & B Erectors, and the Dubuque County Conservation Board, the greenhouse will play a major role in the River Museum’s work with pollinator conservation.

Protecting and stewarding rivers begins with protecting and stewarding the land. Eighty-three percent of the land in the United States, and 97 percent of land in Iowa, is privately owned. Healthy management of yards, green spaces, fields, and timber builds connectivity between native plant species, improves soil health, and increases biodiversity.

Within the greenhouse itself, the River Museum will head start pollinator friendly, native plant species for distribution by the Dubuque County Conservation Board’s Mowing to Monarchs program. The space will be used to educate school-age youth and River Museum visitors on the principles of healthy land stewardship and their impacts on pollinators.

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