The Dubuque Regional Humane Society: 2021 Year in Review

For more than 120 years the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) has served as a voice for animals in the tri-states and beyond. 2021 was no exception, the DRHS cared for 3,120 animals, successfully adopted 2,602 animals, reunited 223 animals with their owners, and had an animal save rate of 98%. The save rate is an important metric which represents the DRHS’s no-kill status. In the case of the DRHS, the number of animals who are suffering from irreversible medical or behavioral conditions that compromise their quality of life and prevents them from being adopted does not make up more than 2% of all pets entering the shelter.

Adoptions don’t happen in a day, sometimes it can take weeks or even months for an animal to find a forever home. An adoption doesn’t just happen because a family chooses a wonderful companion, adoptions happen because:

  • Animal Control, Law Enforcement, and concerned community members are on the streets rescuing abused, lost, and abandoned animals.
  • The DRHS is able to provide compassionate care, a safe environment, and new chances for the animals in the community, as well as the more than 973 animals transported in from overcrowded shelters.
  • Foster families are able to provide animals that need extra TLC a home environment in which to recover and thrive in before adoption.
  • Supporters provide visibility through sharing DRHS social media posts, joining the DRHS at outreach events, and being ambassadors in the community.
  • When people are able to donate, they generously choose to donate funds, provide in-kind donations, and give of their time through volunteering at the DRHS.

Thanks to the support of the community the DRHS was able to drastically impact the animals and citizens of the tri-states and are resolved in their ability to make our impact go even further in 2022 to save more lives!

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