Tree Voucher Program Offered to Dubuque Residents

The City of Dubuque Sustainability Office has teamed up with Dubuque Trees Forever and local tree nurseries for a second year to distribute tree vouchers to Dubuque residents.

The purpose of this program is to encourage and assist in residential tree planting within city limits and recognizing the value of trees in the urban environment.

Vouchers valued at $75, $125, and $250 are available, and distribution is based on the resident’s address. Dubuque homeowners interested in receiving a tree voucher must attend one 75-minute informational session on tree selection, placement, planting, and care, as well as the many climate benefits and values that trees provide. Residents who received a voucher last year and would like to do so again this year must also attend an information session this summer.

The first information session was held on Thursday, July 27. The second information session will be held on Thursday, Aug. 17, at 6:30 PM at the Salvation Army, 1099 Iowa St. Please pre-register No one will be turned away the day of event.

Vouchers can be redeemed at Wagner’s Nursery, Steve’s Ace Home & Garden, and Cornerstone Nursery. Vouchers must be redeemed between Sept. 1 and Nov. 1, 2023. Vouchers from 2022 are still valid through the deadline.

Any tree variety available at the nursery can be purchased through this program, except: Blue Spruce, Ornamental Pear, Ornamental Cherry, Ornamental Crab, all Ash trees, Norway Maples, Hybrid/Freeman Maples, and any tree hardiness zone 5 or greater. Trees sizes are limited to container #15, #20, and #25 (grow bag size equivalent). A #10 gallon container for smaller tree varieties like fruit trees is acceptable.

Trees must be planted on your personal property, not on the city right-of-way or easement. A 5-gallon watering bucket will be provided by Dubuque Trees Forever to participants, free of charge, and Dubuque Trees Forever volunteers will be available to assist in the delivery and planting for approved hardship cases.

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