Kelley Brown Announced as New Economic Director

Chairperson of the Jackson County Economic Alliance (JCEA), Jack Willey announced the hiring of Kelley Brown as the new economic development director for the JCEA effective November 1, 2021.

Brown replaces former director Nicolas Hockenberry who resigned in September to take a position with Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC).

Brown currently resides in Jackson County and has served as the Grant and City Support Services Manager for the East Central Intergovernmental Agency (ECIA) since January. Prior to that she has served as the City Clerk and City Administrator in both Grimes and Winterset. During her tenure in these communities, she was involved in economic development efforts including meeting with businesses, negotiating development agreements, and developing incentive packages.

The Jackson County Economic Alliance is a public/private nonprofit partnership focused on enhancing and promoting the economic condition of Jackson County through business development, workforce development, and community development. The office also manages a regional recreation and quality of life initiative know as Grant Wood Loop (Parks to People). This is a collaboration between Iowa Parks Foundation and Jackson, Jones, and Dubuque Counties. This initiative has also created the foundation for a partnership with Keep Iowa Beautiful/Hometown Pride within the region. Hometown Pride provides an opportunity to further enhance community development efforts.

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