Northeast Iowa Community College Appoints New Trustee for District 9

The Northeast Iowa Community College Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Thom Chesney, of Dubuque, to fill the District 9 seat vacancy. District 9 encompasses residents of the Dubuque Community School District.

Dr. Chesney is a Senior Post Secondary Educator – Inclusive Servant Leader with 20-plus years of expertise overseeing and evaluating learning and training solutions for diverse audiences. His background includes President of Clarke University and Brookhaven College and Chief Assessment Director at the University of Texas.

Dr. Chesney was administered the oath of office at the board’s meeting on Aug. 21. Chesney fills the District 9 vacancy created after the resignation of Bob Shafer, of Dubuque, earlier this month.

Dr. Chesney’s appointment allows him to serve until the November 2023 school board election and would be eligible to run in that election.

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