From AI to DIY – Dubuque Area Arts Collective Showcases Underrepresented Artists and Relaunches Ruix Zine

by Sara Steuer

The Dubuque Area Arts Collective has always prided itself on being slightly left of center. Since its formation in 2012 the DAAC has provided a space for the “other”; artists who may not have been accepted into other local gallery shows or who haven’t yet had their first solo exhibit have been able to find exhibition opportunities and a sense of community within the collective. Initially founded by a group of local artists and creatives who were searching for more inclusive opportunities, the DAAC has served as a DIY project incubator, hosting a variety of art exhibitions, live music performances, podcasts, zines, art magazines, and community events for artists of all ages and talents.

“It’s become known as a hub for creativity and collaboration among artists,” said DAAC co-founder Ivonne Simmonds Fals, and it continues to provide a space for the community to see a fuller representation of the span of local talent from Dubuque and surrounding areas. In keeping with their ethos of being a place for local artists to experiment, they recently relaunched Ruix Zine. Steeped in the DIY punk aesthetic, the zine focuses heavily on local and regional music, creative writing, and visual arts, presented in an ephemeral, handmade, distinctly un-glossy format that’s free for those craving something more tangible and old-school, while showcasing edgier, underrepresented talent.

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