Work that Works – Connecting College Students to Flexible Job Options

by Beth Triplett

Piloted by the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation (GDDC), Work that Works connects local employers who have agreed to offer adaptable, part-time jobs to college students in the region. While flexibility is a characteristic that most employees desire, it is essential for students attempting to juggle work around classes and breaks. Students paired in this program are guaranteed accommodations for excused absences during exam periods and schedule adjustments during college breaks.

“This is unlike other opportunities I have heard of or observed for students,” said Ellen Carr, Director of Vocation, Career Services, and Community Engagement at the University of Dubuque. “It is wonderful to have employers with this understanding and that they acknowledge the obstacles and challenges to being a student and that they have made the commitment to put the student first.”

Work that Works is not an internship program, but the experience gained by having a job may help students secure an internship later in their collegiate career. It also can help them post-college by having work experience and a supervisor reference, something many graduates lack.

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