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Crescent Community Center Announces Asian American And Pacific Islander Heritage Month Hero

Crescent Community Health Center (Crescent) is honored to recognize Irene Maun as an Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Hero. Irene Maun has been employed as a community health worker at Crescent since 2017. She is a champion at advocating for the Pacific Islander (PI) Community in Dubuque, Iowa and the surrounding area. Irene serves as a cultural broker between the PI community, Crescent, and other local organizations to address and reduce social determinants of health faced by her community.

Irene provides interpretation and translation services for provider visits, educational classes and promotional video campaigns highlighting healthy behaviors. She connects patients to specialty appointments and community resources while encouraging them to proactively manage their health by following through with preventative and chronic condition appointments and treatment planning. Irene is a profound leader who is graciously entrusted as the figurehead, spokesperson, and pioneer for the PI community. She is driven by a passion and devotion to enhancing their lives through her daily work which is evidenced in the respect she receives in return from them.

At the height of the pandemic, Irene was instrumental in containing the spread of COVID-19 by continuously emphasizing the need to wear masks, maintaining social distancing and refraining from bringing large groups together. She worked tirelessly to coordinate resources such as food, transportation, healthcare, and getting persons in need of quarantine to a shelter.

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