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Crescent Community Health Center Acquires Infocus Pharmacy

Crescent Community Health Center (Crescent) is excited to announce the acquisition of Infocus Pharmacy effective January 1, 2023. The timing of this partnership is critical because it allows Crescent patients to have full access to discounted medications in the 340B drug pricing program.

Why is 340B important? Beginning in July 2020, pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Eli Lilly and Astra Zeneca halted delivery of medications to all 340B contract pharmacies. At Crescent they were fortunate to have adequate storage, flexibility, and staff to order supplies for the near future. Crescent providers and Infocus Pharmacy worked together to change regimen when needed, however, as time progressed, additional manufactures joined rank and the options and overstock dwindled. Medications with limited access include diabetes medications, breathing medications, blood thinners, and many more. Due to the risk of lost medication, critical for patients, they began to work together with Infocus Pharmacy to transition from a contract pharmacy to an entity owned pharmacy. This partnership will allow Crescent access once again to full offerings of 340B medications. Although this partnership will help, there continues to be ongoing pressure on the 340B program from manufactures and insurers.

The 340B Program enables Crescent patients to access medications they otherwise would not be able to afford. In 2021, their patients accessed 23,410 prescriptions.

The National Association of Community Health Centers conducted a survey to better understand the negative impact on patient outcomes due to the loss of 340B savings. This survey found:

92% of respondents utilize 340B savings to increase access for low-income and/or rural patients by maintaining or expanding services in underserved communities.

90% of respondents report that their 340B program has led to improved medication adherence, improved clinical outcomes, and improved access to care.

Health center patients with diabetes, heart disease, and behavioral health needs rely on drugs purchased through the 340B program more than other patient populations.

32% of respondents believe that over HALF of their patients would lose access to needed medication without the 340B program discounts.

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