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Cystoscopy with Bulkamid Procedure at UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital

UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital is the first hospital in Dubuque to offer the Cystoscopy with Bulkamid procedure to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The minimally-invasive and same-day procedure involves a series of three to four injections, taking 10-15 minutes under local anesthesia. This procedure has been clinically-proven to provide long-lasting symptom relief for up to seven years.

Bulkamid is a urethral bulking agent – a soft, water-based gel that can be used to restore the natural closing of the urethra. Similar to some facial fillers, the gel remains in the body over time without causing reactions in the surrounding tissue.

SUI is a condition where unwanted bladder leaks happen during daily activities, such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising. It is estimated that one in three women will suffer from SUI at some point in their lives, often caused by pregnancy.

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