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MercyOne Receives State Recognition for Pediatric Readiness

MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center is the first hospital in Iowa to be recognized for readiness to provide emergency care for children through the state’s new Iowa Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Care (IPEAC) Recognition Program, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (Iowa HHS) announced.

IPEAC is a new offering designed by the Iowa HHS Emergency Medical Services for Children program. IPEAC recognizes the work of hospitals of all sizes to ensure each is prepared to provide initial stabilization, treatment and any needed transfers to definitive care for ill and injured children in Iowa.

MercyOne Dubuque was the pilot hospital for the program, which will soon be offered to all 117 Iowa hospitals. To be recognized, hospitals must complete an application that includes requirements for equipment, training and support of pediatric patients and their families. Evaluation of applicants includes a site visit to the hospital.

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