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Spiritual Enrichment – February 2022


Learn more about offerings at Sinsinawa Mound Center online or by contacting Arrangements at (608) 748-4411. Please check their website for current COVID protocols.

Praying With Winter Skies (Via Zoom) – Saturday, Feb. 5 @ 10 AM-11:30 AM
“I wonder as I wander out under the sky …” is a beautiful, haunting ballad from the Appalachian region. Winter skies can set up to wondering about many things. What would happen if we were to begin praying those skies, whether they be an early morning sky or ‘a midnight clear’ sky? Let’s find out.

Sacred Land – Wild Church: St. Brigid/Imbolc (On Site) – Saturday, Feb. 5 @ 2 PM-3:30 PM
Fire and song, ritual and community, prayer and quiet: these outdoor, ecumenical gatherings are centered on honoring sacred land and sacred time. In a time of planetary upheaval it is crucial to recover our elemental sense of connection and kinship with Creator and Creation.

Native Americans In The Driftless: A 13,000 Year Story (Via Zoom) – Tuesday, Feb. 8 @ 7 PM-8 PM
Danielle Benden and Ernie Boszhardt are co-owners of Driftless Pathways LLC and specialize in public archaeology and museum consulting. They have vast experience in Wisconsin archaeology with a focus on the unglaciated Driftless Area.

Standing (On) Her Ground: Meskwaki Women, Land, And Identity, 1820-1850 (Via Zoom) – Tuesday, Feb. 22 @ 7 PM-8 PM
As white settlers colonized lands along the Mississippi from the lead mining region to the Des Moines rapids, Sauk and Meskwaki people struggled to maintain kin ties in the face of war, land cessions, forced removals, and the implications of a capitalist economy. This webinar will introduce the stories of several métis (mixed-race) Meskwaki women who lived in this region.

The Tighter The Script, The Higher The Stakes (Via Zoom) – Wednesday, Feb. 23 @ 6 PM-8 PM
Has life ever challenged you to re-adjust your expectations? I know, obvious question. This offering then could be for you! We continually layer expectations upon our lives. How things must unfold according to our plans.



All Shall Be Well: Julian Of Norwich Series – Wednesdays, Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 @ 6 PM-7:30 PM
These sessions glean insights gained from the book Julian of Norwich: Wisdom in a Time of Pandemic – and Beyond, by Matthew Fox. Participants do not need to read the book to participate. Sessions will include prayer, sharing insights from Julian, contemplation, and discussion. Participants can attend individual sessions or all sessions.

Taizé Prayer – Thursday, Feb. 3 @ 7 PM-7:45 PM
Held in our beautiful and historic chapel, this contemplative prayer time includes a Scripture reading, sung repetition of short refrains, shared silence, and intercessions. Taize’ prayer invites the participants to sing simple refrains repeatedly to reinforce the meditative quality of the prayer. This basic style can penetrate the marrow of our spirits and the silence of our hearts. Come and tune into the solitude of this holy place and praise of our God!

‘Return To The Root’ Book Discussion – Thursday, Feb. 24 @ 6:30-8:30 PM
Sr. Roberta Bussan leads a discussion of Joyce Rupp’s newest book, Return to the Root: Reflections on the Inner Life. Rupp offers meditative, uplifting reflections – grown out of the seasons, the Church’s liturgical life, and the small moments that adorn our days – that escort us through the year. With each reflection, we shift beyond the immediate moment to see the timeless truths within, including choosing to hold on to hope, trusting how God speaks to us and how we experience the Divine, and recognizing that there is always something for which to be grateful.

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