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Spiritual Enrichment – January 2021


Meditations from Mississippi Abbey
Ongoing (Virtual)

In these uncertain times, we are subject to anxiety and stress unrelated to our normal life. The Sisters of Mississippi Abbey are bringing words of comfort and assurance to give you hope in this unusual season. Sign up for emails to be notified of new postings.


Sinsinawa Mound remains closed to the public for an indefinite period of time for all concerts, meetings, and tours. Many retreats, workshops, and prayer services have been either moved to a virtual venue or will be sponsored on site for small groups in a designated area of the building with social distancing and mask requirements in place. View a list of upcoming events at

Reading Wendell Berry in Dark Times – Wednesday, Jan. 6 @ 7 PM-8 PM
In our dark and precarious times, let’s delve into the poetry and prose of Kentucky farmer, Wendell Berry. Berry is arguably today’s most lyrical, passionate, and important prophet writing today. We’ll explore his life and explorations on land, race, spirituality, health, and crisis. Sinsinawa Mound Ecological Programming Coordinator Eric Anglada will lead the discussion.

Meditation: It’s Not What You Think – Saturday, Jan. 9 @ 10 AM-12 PM
The practice of meditation has become so popularized that it promises to offer some desired outcome—a kind of commodity we purchase for a particular purpose. When, in fact, the practice of meditation is a way of being in our lives with less fear and greater compassion. No prior experience is needed. Tom Roberts, a licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, will lead our workshop. He specializes in hypnotherapy and mindfulness therapy.

Meeting Alzheimer’s – Thursday, Jan. 14 @ 7 PM-8:30 PM
Weaving together science specific to Alzheimer’s disease, spirituality, and the artful practice of improvisation, this introductory workshop offers caregivers an experience that is informative, inspiring, empowering, and engaging. Participants will learn the most important technique for communicating with persons living with Alzheimer’s or dementia: accepting what is. Also known as saying “Yes!” research has shown that saying “Yes” in this context can reduce caregiver stress—so join us for this opportunity to learn and grow in ways that will help your loved ones and yourself. Dr. Jade Angelica will guide participants through this extraordinary opportunity.

The Mother God Returns – Wednesday, Jan. 20 @ 7 PM-8 PM
Words matter. In the workplace and at home, in school, in government, and in faith-based settings. The language that we use shapes what we see as real and what we see as possible. For millennia, women have been relegated to the margins in descriptions of the divine. What are the consequences of this invisibility? How does this exclusion impact not just women’s experience of religion, but psychological development as a whole? Facilitator Renee McArdle is a licensed clinical psychologist, spiritual teacher, and social justice advocate dedicated to the evolution of consciousness for all people. She is dedicated to changing the language that excludes women in the organized churches.

Voices of Hope from the Holocaust – Saturday, Jan. 23 @ 10 AM-12 PM
In light of the challenges of our times, it is worthwhile to look back to another extremely challenging time and hear the voices of those who found meaning in their suffering. We will be looking at the lives and words of women like Edith Stein, Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum, and Corrie ten Boom. Sister Mary Ellen Green, OP, will lead this workshop.

Embracing the Chaos: Learning to Love the Difficult – Saturday, Feb. 6 @ 10 AM-12 PM
How often do we feel at the mercy of the events of our lives? Does it seem like the chaos is what is running the show? So much of our emotional; physical; and, especially, spiritual energies are spent trying to limit and control chaos. Participants will explore how what we refer to as chaos is really the substance of our spiritual growth. Tom Roberts, a licensed psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, will lead our workshop. He specializes in hypnotherapy and mindfulness therapy.

While the Mound is closed to visitors, Sinsinawa Bakery remains open for online ordering at and Sinsinawa Book & Gift Gallery is available for online purchases at Customers can also place orders by calling (608) 748-4411. Items can be shipped or customers can arrange for curbside pickup between 10 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

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