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Spiritual Enrichment – July 2022


Summer Organ Concert Series – Wednesdays, Jul. 13, 20, 27 @ 7 PM-8 PM
Sinsinawa Mound Center announces the return of the Summer Organ Concert series! It’s our 31st anniversary and all are welcome to attend. Organists from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas will play the Casavant Opus 2847 in Queen of the Rosary Chapel from 7 to 8 p.m. each Wednesday evening throughout the summer. Check out our website for more information on each organist.

The Liturgical Calendar: Connecting Spirituality, Earth, & Sacred Time – Tuesday, Jul. 12 @ 7 PM-8 PM (Via Zoom)
This online presentation will introduce and deepen our understanding of one of the profound gifts that the church has to offer-the spiraling odyssey of the liturgical year. We will delve into holy days, feast days, and the different seasons of the year, connecting them to the rhythms of the land.

Grief Retreat: Journey Toward Wholeness – Saturday, Jul. 16 @ 9 AM-4 PM
Throughout our life we experience the loss of people, places and things. We will take time to reflect on our losses and to discover how loss can lead to greater wholeness and holiness.

Being Turned by Mystery: A Retreat Within the Ever-Opening Circle – Saturday, Jul. 23 @ 1 PM-5 PM
Many spiritual traditions see the circle as a symbol of transformation­­- from the Medicine Wheel to the Labyrinth to the Sufi mystic’s ecstatic spinning dance. Even the Hokey Pokey! We seem to know turning around is “what it’s all about!”

Sinsinawa Mound Farmer’s Market – Wednesday, Jul. 27 @ 4 PM-7 PM
Join us for our summer farmer’s market! Held at our farm every fourth Wednesday through September from 4-7 p.m.

Sacred Land, Wild Church: Lammas – Saturday, Jul. 30 @ 3 PM-4:30 PM
Fire and song, ritual and community, prayer and quiet: these outdoor gatherings are centered on honoring sacred land and sacred time. In a time of planetary upheaval, it is crucial to recover our elemental sense of connection and kinship with Creator and Creation.

Sinsinawa Mound Center is excited to welcome visitors and guests once again. Everyone will enter through the Main Entrance to check-in and have temps taken and the wearing of facemasks is required. All visitors/guests will have access to public spaces but will not have access to Sisters’ Dining Room, Sisters’ living areas, meals, or overnight accommodations. Some requirements may change to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn more about offerings online or by calling (608) 748-4411.



Boundless Compassion Facilitator Workshop – Friday, Jul. 1 @ 8 AM-4 PM
This workshop offers the opportunity to become a certified facilitator of the Boundless Compassion program. The training prepares participants to use their individual talents and experiences to incorporate the Boundless Compassion program into their sphere of influence and to share the content in a variety of ways. Participants in this one-day event are required to have attended a four-day Boundless Compassion retreat in person before attending this workshop. Along with full attendance at the four-day retreat, each interested person in the training workshop must request an application form from Sr. Bobbi Bussan, (email:, complete it, and send it for review before being accepted into the training workshop.

Mindfulness & Nature: From Sunlight to Stardust – Thursday, Jul. 14 @ 7 PM-9:30 PM
njoy nature’s sights and sounds, from sunlight to stardust, as you breathe in the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. Participants may walk our prairie and view pollinators in action amongst our vast array of native flowers. From the tree frogs to crickets and grasshoppers, Nature’s residents will provide lovely tunes which we will follow with songs and treats around a campfire.

Virtues: Come Of Age Retreat (5-Day Retreat) – Sunday- Friday, Jul. 17-22
Having spent years seeking to faithfully live the Gospel of Jesus, there comes a time when we need to look back and see how we have grown on the journey of spirituality.  Then we can give thanks for what God’s Spirit has done in our lives, what that Spirit continues to do, and how we might be open to it.  While this retreat will not consider the usual traditional virtues, it will consider those such as wonder, freedom, balance, restlessness, perseverance, as well as others, all of which are the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives.  Each will consider how the Incarnation has taken root in our lives.

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