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UnityPoint Health Joins Civica Rx as Founding Member

UnityPoint Health® is among 12 health systems representing approximately 250 hospitals across the United States that have joined Civica Rx as founding members.

Civica Rx was established in 2018 by three philanthropies and seven leading health systems that experience first-hand the impact of drug shortages, which have become all too common and affect all aspects of the health care delivery system. The highly-collaborative initiative will result in lower costs and more predictable supplies of many medicines, helping ensure patients and their needs come first in the generic drug marketplace. Civica Rx members drive drug selection decisions to ensure Civica Rx manufactures medications most essential to patient care.

Civica Rx expects to bring over 14 hospital-administered generic drugs to hospitals and health care systems in 2019 as the initial focus of the company’s efforts, with many additional medications prioritized by the healthcare systems as the next phase of focus. The company is working towards becoming an FDA approved manufacturer and will either directly manufacture generic drugs or sub-contract manufacturing to trusted supply partners.

UnityPoint Health is a $4 billion Midwest health system with nine geographic regions spanning metropolitan and rural markets across Iowa, western Illinois, and southern Wisconsin.

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