Food & Spirits

There’s a Chili in the Air

Autumn’s chill has arrived, causing people to yearn for soups and stews to warm their insides. And one of the most popular is chili. Everyone has their favorite recipes for chili, but why not mix up your chili recipes and try something new. Now, here in the Midwest, typically chili is made with ground beef, but the beauty of chili is its versatility.

Most people think chili is from Mexico when, in fact, it originates in the Southwest, most notably Texas. The origin stories vary, but most trails lead back to Texan adventurers and cowboys. Chili became a staple food. They created ‘brick chili’ by pounding dried beef with fat or beef tallow, chilies, salt, and pepper. They created bricks that were easy to transport, and they could throw a brick into a pot and add water. When it boiled and the ‘brick’ softened, chili resulted.

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