Health & Wellness

How To Find A Mental Health Care Provider You Trust & What To Do If A Problem Arises

by Kimberly Blaker

More than 100 million Americans will experience serious problems in relationships, become depressed, or develop anxiety at some point in their lives, reveal Larry E. Beautler, Bruce Bongar, and Joel N. Shurkin in A Consumer’s Guide to Psychotherapy: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Therapist and Treatment That’s Right for You. Therefore, they may require psychiatric diagnosis or benefit from the services of a mental health care professional.

Unfortunately, countless mental health care professionals lose their licenses each year as a result of patient abuse, sexual misconduct, fraud, substance abuse, unlicensed practice, medication violations, and more.

Should you be faced with a crisis, know how to find a reputable mental health care provider with the expertise you need and that you can trust.

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