Health & Wellness

The Wisdom Of Winter – Rest, Renewal, And Growth

by Linda Peterson, PhD, NCC, CLC, CHC, Statera Integrated

Many of us view winter as a dreary, sad, cold, and dark season, when in fact, winter can be a season of light, warmth, comfort, and growth. In the Midwest, after months of planting, harvesting, holiday busyness, and stress, winter blesses us with the gift of a quieter time for rest and recovery – if we are open to receiving the gift.

According to Beth Bruno, “In winter, it is common for people to say everything is dead. On the contrary, those bare trees and shrubs are doing what we should all do. They are shifting their focus from their outer being to their inner being. All their energy is going back into the dark warmth of the deep soil where their roots can rejuvenate, renewing themselves for another season of productivity.”

We, too, can make choices that will rejuvenate our minds, our body, and our spirits. Here are a few suggestions from other cultures for making winter your time of rest, renewal, and personal growth.

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